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Upgrade Your Trumpet Playing with KGUBrass

Are you looking to take your trumpet playing to the next level? Look no further than the custom-made classic trumpet booster from KGUBrass. Our booster is designed to enhance the performance of your trumpet mouthpiece, giving you a richer, more resonant sound.

Why Choose KGUBrass?

At KGUBrass, we are dedicated to providing high-quality brass accessories that are custom-made to enhance your playing experience. Our trumpet booster is no exception. Here’s why you should choose KGUBrass:

Custom-Made Design

Our trumpet booster is meticulously crafted to ensure a perfect fit for your mouthpiece. The custom-made design allows for optimal airflow, resulting in a more powerful and focused sound.

Classic Style

The antique copper lacquer color of our trumpet booster not only looks stunning, but it also adds a touch of classic elegance to your instrument. Stand out on stage with KGUBrass.

Enhanced Performance

Experience improved projection, articulation, and overall playability with our trumpet booster. Whether you’re a professional musician or a dedicated student, you’ll notice the difference in your sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the trumpet booster easy to install?

Yes, our trumpet booster is designed for easy installation. Simply attach it to your mouthpiece and experience an immediate improvement in your sound.

Will the booster fit my mouthpiece?

Our trumpet booster is available in various sizes to accommodate different mouthpiece models. Contact us for assistance in selecting the right fit for your instrument.

Can I use the booster for performances?

Absolutely! Many professional trumpet players use our booster for live performances and recording sessions. It’s a versatile accessory that can elevate your playing in any setting.


Upgrade your trumpet playing with the custom-made classic trumpet booster from KGUBrass. With its custom-made design, classic style, and enhanced performance, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your sound. Take your playing to new heights with KGUBrass.